What attendees are saying? 

“I really wanted to let you and your husband know how much I enjoyed everything!  Usually we shy away from going to seminars due to the fact that things are constantly rehashed over and over and nothing new is learned.  I am proud to say that we walked away with so much great information for our company and many new ideas to implement in the near future!  I can’t wait to listen to your seminar on leadership in the upcoming month.”  K. Tartt

Jimmy and Tonja are real people and they have the experience. You can tell by listening to them. It’s not someone just reading the information to you.”  R. Weaver

 “It was concise and informative, and it brought up a few points that I would not have thought of on my own.”  R. McGavock

I liked how you focused on 3 main mistakes in accounting. Sometimes I experience information overload in a training and feel overwhelmed; however, I feel this is easy to look and see where we need improvement in our accounting practices based on the information y’all provided.”  J. Bachman